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 "We've removed the ceiling above our dreams. There are no more impossible dreams" - Jesse Jackson 

Psychometric Assessments (Scholastic & Career):

         School Readiness (Gr. RR, R and 1)

         Learning Problem Assessment, e.g. reading, numeracy etc.

         IQ Assessment (3-16 yrs)

           Subject Choice Assessments and advice (Gr.9)

         Career Assessment and Guidance, including :
- Aptitude (Gr 7 & 9-12)
- Personality Type
- Interests
- Study Orientation towards Mathematics 

*Career Assessment packages: Full - consists of Aptitude (DAT)+Personality Type+ Interest Quest.
 Partial - Personality Type or Interest Questionnaire individually
(please do call  to
 get an obligation free quote)

The above career assessments will include a detailed report, from which informed career decisions with regard to subject- and career choices can be made

PLUS: EQ-i 2.0/360 Emotional Intelligence assessments (Leadership development &Management)

Value-added services:
*Group career assessments for different grades at institutions also done
*Call out for trauma debriefing -and/or counselling sessions on-site

Counselling/ Therapy

         Career Counselling

         Trauma Counselling

         Couples Counselling

         Group Counselling, especially w.r.t trauma, bereavement

          Individual Counselling for wide range of personal life challenges, such as stress, bereavement, HIV, substance abuse, divorce/separation etc.

Training Workshops

         Study skills

         Parenting skills

         Basic Counselling Skills

         Trauma Debriefing/Counselling skills

         HIV/Aids, Peer Support training

  Educational Consulting

In depth consulting on a variety of topics with:

         Government departments



         Church organizations

         Learning institutions e.g. FET colleges, School Trauma


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